085**Please note – I will be beginning a faculty position at the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Arkansas in September 2018, and will be moving from this personal website to a group website. I will be looking for PhD students, so please contact me via the email below if you are interested. I will not be updating this webpage for the time being. Stay tuned…**

Welcome to my personal research website! Here I provide a summary of my research projects, and will keep you updated on their progress and relevant other news.

I’m an Aussie, based at the Department of Virology, University of Helsinki in Finland. I have broad interests in wildlife population and disease ecology, and work mainly with rodents, bats and rabbits – although for me it’s more about the concepts and research questions than particular taxa. I employ a diverse range of field and laboratory methods, and have a fondness for large field experiments.

Much of my research can be divided into two very general themes: 1) investigating how zoonotic pathogens, especially viruses, are maintained and transmitted within and among wildlife populations – with implications for predicting and mitigating human disease risk; and 2) investigating the effects of parasites and pathogens on wildlife host fitness – with implications for understanding fluctuations in abundance for conservation and pest management purposes. My projects are primarily based in the United States, Finland and Kenya, and I work with an excellent network of collaborators from around the world.

Please contact me if you have any queries or would like to be involved with my research

–     kristian.forbes[at]helsinki.fi

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